Arlen Reveals Top Strategies To
Grow Your Online Store

Improving SEO by Making Your Online Store Mobile Friendly

Do you want to get your site to a consistent level so that it will be on par with today’s standards? Creating consistency with your SEO is something you must do, because neglecting this will get you to continue to lose ranking in Google, traffic, and sales. This will help you stay ahead of the […]

How to Optimize Page URLs

​​​​​Building a good website is not only about the content you write, but the page URLs. These small details can help you gain a lot of traffic, because it’s a lead-in to help others see what you’re talking about. When you optimize your URLs, you’re actually taking a step ahead to show that your site […]

Improve Site Speed To Your Store

Did you know there’s a specific criteria with Google that if you don’t do it, you’ll continually rank lower? It’s important that you focus on your site speed, because it’s a crucial element to attract your customer base. While you may have the right products available for your audience, they won’t stay on your site […]

How to Find New Keywords for Your Store

Keywords are still an important part of getting your site onto another level. They can help you fine-tune your content to the point where you know what people are searching for on a regular basis. This can help you target your core audience, and help you rank well for the duration you have your site […]

Improve SEO With Content Audit

How to Do a Content Audit for Your Ecommerce SiteWhen it comes to getting your content together for your site, you definitely need to organize it in a manner helps you run things efficiently. In this case, you want to make sure you manage your website in order to get the right content to add […]