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How to Find New Keywords for Your Store

Keywords are still an important part of getting your site onto another level. They can help you fine-tune your content to the point where you know what people are searching for on a regular basis. This can help you target your core audience, and help you rank well for the duration you have your site up online. However, doing a keyword search doesn’t have to always rely on Google or doing a random paid search. You can actually utilize a tool to help you get there in a much more efficient way.

 Have you been interested in trying to find great keywords for your website  that will help you drive traffic and sales? In this video, we’ll be going through an awesome website you may never heard of that will help you find keywords as well as content ideas. 

Try Out BuzzSumo

This is one of the tools you can use to help you make decisions as far as gaining keywords and general content ideas. It’s important to get these keywords and ideas in order to come up with the right articles for your site. It’ll be helpful to increase your traffic and search engine rankings. BuzzSumo can help you analyze what content performs best. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the top trending topics as well as competitors. 

This is great for doing some preliminary research in any niche you intend to pursue.  Whether you’re niche is in marketing, health, or some kind of technological base, you’ll be able to find some of the top results that can help you see what people out there are actually searching for online. If you’re just getting your feet wet, there’s a free trial available. It’s a bit limited, but it should still work great as a start before you fully invest yourself in this tool. Here we’ll go into example by starting off with a broad topic.

Enter in a Topic and See the Results 

As you can see in the above picture, we’ve selected “fitness” for the topic. Anything health-related is a great evergreen topic to pick. You might be a fitness trainer or give out tips on your site with great a product line. This is a pretty broad topic and should give you a number of results. Once you’ve done a search, you’ll see the top articles that revolve around fitness. This may be able to help you fine-tune your content ideas, and help you create a specific focus in order to draw in an audience that will like the content you have to offer. 

Once you’ve put the topic in place, you’ll see this page with different results. 

The valuable thing about this data is seeing a breakdown of how interactive these articles on different social media platforms, the number of backlinks, how many shares a post gets, and just the overall total engagement. 

Why is this valuable? Well, if you’re looking to bring your traffic up, you need to see what kinds of topics are truly getting the amount shares across different platforms. When you have such an interactive topic, that means it captures a lot of interest. This can attract a lot of people to the post, and get them to either subscribe or make a purchase. It’s important to study this and look at the top 5 articles, because that gives you an indicator of what people truly value. Speaking of indicator, take a look at the impact of social influence. 

Pay Close Attention to the Social Indicators

If you looked at the information on the sides of the article links, you’ll see the following: Facebook engagements, Twitter shares, Pinterest shares, and Reddit engagements. These are all of great value, because they show how many times each post on social media has been shared. You can determine the popularity of the post  and begin to determine why these are getting so much attention. 

Go to the actual post and see the keywords and general content. What are people saying on these posts? Also, how are there visitors reacting to it? What kind of feedback is left in the comment section? These are all things to consider when you start to formulate your own content ideas. 

Once, you’ve looked at this, you can now begin thinking of ways to recreate an article that uses some of the key concepts. You can reach out to these same people as well. Look below to see what we’re talking about. 

Reach Out to the Sharers

Here you can get a sample view of some of the people that have shared the article. Maybe you’ve created a similar article with a different twist. It’s better to become familiar with this audience, because it’ll help you reach out to people who appreciate the content much faster. Also, you may be able to provide value or a different perspective to them if you’re knee-deep into the niche. Reach out to them and ask them if they can share the post. This is a great system that’ll help you get some great content ideas. Also, you’ll see what people generally like what you have to offer. 

This can give you a great head start into finding out the type of content that can be great for your site on a long-term basis. Additionally, you might want to go deeper into BuzzSumo, so it’ll be a good way to see if it’s worth getting the paid version of this tool. 

Doing some keyword research by using a tool like BuzzSumo can help you make great strides on how you create content for your site. What are some ways that you find keyword and content ideas? Are there any tools that makes it easier for anyone just starting out? Please leave some feedback below.